You spoke. We listened. Introducing the new Free VPN by FreeVPN.Org ™

Thanks to the feedback and loyalty of our users, Free VPN has just pushed out the biggest update in years: say goodbye to the Panda, say hello to the Unicorn! Our users expressed concern about us being a Chinese company due to the Panda (that’s simply not true!) We realized it was time for our app to reflect exactly what it is: the unicorn of the VPN industry.

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We can call ourselves the “unicorn” because we’ve earned that title: we’re the rare app that some think didn’t exist. Knowing oh-too-well that critics often say “don’t use a free VPN, they must be stealing and selling your data to make money!” we say “look again!”

We can’t say this any more clearly to critics of our free VPN:

Free VPN offers a world-class VPN product that’s funded by 2 things: users earning VPN time by watching ads, and selling premium plans to users who want premium features. We’re especially proud of the fact that we offer a free VPN to our users who live in oppressive countries around the world where buying a VPN product isn’t an option (due to government restrictions). We say to those users: we are here for you!

To celebrate the launch of the mythical, magical, fantastical Free VPN we’re also changing how we do business: every user (new or existing) will enjoy 7 days of free Premium service when they install the Unicorn VPN version of Free VPN. That’s 7 days to see if the app truly works for your needs, enjoy access to all regions, and features like Acceleration and Auto Connect.

Lastly, we’re giving 7 days to try our new Privacy Plus feature….which is HUGE. Privacy Plus blocks all website and analytics trackers from spying on you (side note: if you knew how many there were, you’d probably never go online again!) Privacy Plus also blocks ads from appearing in the content and apps that you love. Next time you open that website that usually gets all crazy on you because of the ads popping up…you can thank us with a review (or you can buy us a drink sometime).

We love our users, we love this business and what we provide to our customers, and we are very excited about the future of Free VPN.

Stay safe out there!
– Team @ FreeVPN.Org